My Writing Lifework: How 6 Simple Skills are Helping Me Succeed #blogboost


Growing up as an adolescent I was so absorbed in writing and drawing.  I later dropped drawing because I thought I will not go anywhere with it (one of my regrets).  I concentrated on writing because, at school, those who do well with it got noticed, by the students, the teachers, and the school.  With thoughts of success in the future, I worked myself to learning more about writing and competing to get recognition and awards.

I did a lot of writing in high school. I received a lot of awards and I even got third place in a national writing competition with the writing category I was assigned to.  I dreamt of being a journalist someday.  ‘Who is going to stop me?’ That was the concrete brainwave I had those days.

Things changed completely after high school.  I needed to pursue a course different from what I dreamt of.  Engineering courses were in demand those days so I took an engineering course.  The family expected me to help them out of hardship and struggle.  It’s not easy to be poor in a third world country.

Fast forward, I practiced my engineering profession for more than a decade and later landed a job as a document controller and ISO coordinator for the QMS (quality management system) of an organization.  It involves a lot of writing, too. And while I am at it, I was writing contents for some websites (yes, of course) as the sideline.  I needed to earn extra money for my own family now.


Because I love writing more than any type of work I know, I am trying to be competitive with the skills that I need to succeed as a content writer.  At present, this is what I do now, by the way, and it’s a particular writing style that caters to the needs of businesses, including online companies.  Some of the skills that I want to refine are as follows:

  • Learn to write in different styles.

Although I am a content writer now, I am striving to learn about different styles.  I may not be concentrating on them but if I have time I read.

  • Understand the buyer persona of a particular business.

Knowing my audience helps me write effectively.  I believe it is one of the best ways to address my thoughts and ideas – getting know expected visitors or the buyer persona.

  • Try hard to be original.

Plagiarism is always a controversial issue.  It is best to be careful always.  I may have written a phrase for an article which is the same as another’s though I have not even copied it.  I always utilize a plagiarism checker just to be sure.

  • Become skilled at SEO and WordPress basics.

There are a lot of things to learn but in this field, SEO and WordPress knowledge of the basics is a must.

  • Grasp the science behind social media.

Social media is a tool to spread the word.  In this day and age, the use of social media helps a lot in connecting and linking with other individuals and groups in my niche.

  • Be patient about researching challenges.

I sometimes grow impatient with research especially if the results do not serve the purpose.  I go on and refuse to quit (especially if I have a deadline to meet) and find other sources/resources other than search engines.

Oh, there are a lot more writing ideas to encounter, understand, learn, study, and excel in.  I am always, always excited to be familiar with them.  I am halfway in life now (that is if I am expecting to live a century 😀 ) but the love for writing never fades.

I still have my day job but it’s not making me as happy as I am with writing.  I believe one day, I will be able to put an end to being a corporate slave and pursue being a writer, and excel at it.


6 thoughts on “My Writing Lifework: How 6 Simple Skills are Helping Me Succeed #blogboost

  1. Hi, Bing. Wow, you’ve certainly come a long way in life. In school, I enjoyed writing the best. I used to excel in creative writing classes. I gave it up to pursue a “realistic” career post high school and studied Biology/Nursing. Funny thing is I’m not a nurse. After my first year as a Nurses’s assistant, I decided it was not for me. I’m queasy at the site of injuries.

    When I become a mom and started online, writing came back to me. People actually wanted what I wrote. I’m still pursuing it to an extent and veered off into Virtual assisting, but with this #blogboost challenge, I’m revisiting my writing for fun instead of business.

    A couple of people to follow (if you aren’t already):
    Kim Garst for Social Media
    Elna Cain for freelance writing
    Susan Velez for WordPress
    SEO – Google has a free course on it.

    Good luck on your goal to leave the 9 to 5.


    1. Hi, Susan! So nice of you to share your thoughts here. Life is full of irony, isn’t it? It all boils down to our perspective in life, I guess. How we adapt to the challenges is what matters. 🙂

      Thank you for those list of people to follow. Ignited the motivation more. Appreciate it a lot.


  2. All great advice. My first writing love is fiction, but when trying to make more of my Noner Says blog I need to work on content writing style.


  3. It’s so exciting to read about the lives of other bloggers. While I’m not a writer, I started my blog mainly for product reviews and quickly grew into a variety of categories. My goal some day is to compile my poems along with some of my mom’s in a book. The other thing I’m kicking around is writing a cookbook with my granddaughter. I love coming up with healthy and inexpensive meals. Good luck on the challenge!


    1. I have once written poems and I even have a blog for them. I don’t know what happened and the inspiration went away. 😦 The cookbook of healthy and inexpensive meals is a great idea!


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