How to Find a Powerful Image for a Unique Blog Post

There are two issues to discuss in this post.  Powerful image and unique blog post.  Each of the two intends to give to the other. Here’s how it is.

If you choose the image below to convey this action–> FIND for the above headline or title, does it do justice to the post?

It does not seem to serve the purpose well.  The two people may look like they’re finding something in a spacious area.  It may look like they are simply walking to a certain destination.  The image conveys many messages that are subjective.  It does not immediately suggest the ‘FIND’ action word.

For a unique blog post, everything in it should follow.  All of the parts are unique from the headline to the first sentence to the body and down to the conclusion.  If you wanted to insert an image, it has to give to the purpose of writing a unique blog post.  Choose an image that is powerful.

Let’s take a look at this image from Pexel.

At first glance, you immediately connect the image to the action word FIND.  It’s an instrument used for looking at things. Not a literal representation but it speaks about the word FIND in the heading or title. It’s powerful nonetheless.

The image’s quality plays a very important role, too.  Though the first image does not have the best quality, the image from Pexel stood out because of its better quality. You need to have images of quality to create a unique blog post.  Images are the life of each post.

Practically, a blog post requires the basic requirements (focus, development, audience awareness, organization, correctness).  Images are like add-ons that surprisingly boost the uniqueness of a blog post.

Speaking of images, you might need to read some helpful tips about using images for your websites or blog posts from the internet.  It’s an eye-opener.  You cannot be incriminated because you were ignorant about laws on the use of images from other sources.

5 Free and Handy Online Tools to Brainstorm Ideas

There will always be something to add to our learning that we can always share. But.

There will be moments when despite racking your brains for ideas, nothing comes up.  Very true, it happens to every type of writer.  It is a common denominator (among writers) to experience ‘zombie’ moments where you are so tired you can’t think of anything, or you simply cannot generate the needed ideas for your content even when you’re active, or perky you want to dance (that is where the problem is – you want to dance more than you want to write).

This is where online tools come in handy.  There are a lot of them on the web.  Some are easy to navigate and some are difficult to explore.  Some require a sign-up and some can be used right away without signing in. But why torture the self?


I find these five (5) online tools very handy Continue reading

Short Articles Matter to Your Buyer Personas, Is It True?

Photo courtesy of Quotes Gram

If only writing is as easy as being cute when you are short in height, then writing short articles will also be a trouble-free quest.

The trend these days is to create short but crisp content articles.  A spreading buzz says that buyer personas, (customers or clients or online visitors) do not prefer lengthy compositions to know about a brand of product or service.  There is a claim that online visitors do not read everything in the internet.   In an online training I just had a year ago (2015), I learned that visitors when they land on a page read in the ‘F’ manner.   Initially, your introduction, a little of the body of your article, and down to the list of important details are what matters. Continue reading

While Waiting for Writing Projects to Come


You wait, like the beautiful creature above, sitting motionless while waiting for a treat.

And while waiting for writing projects that do not come, you suddenly thought with dread – what am I going to do now?  You still wait for a little more, of course.  You hope that an opportunity will knock again.  You idly ask in silence for just one.  The gods are not that callous, are not that busy, are not that capricious, are not that n(d)umb, to realize that you are just as talented as the others.  You hope. Continue reading

Write Clean: Valuable and Simplified Tips to Successful Writing

Image from Pulse @ LinkedIn

I do not have a formal education in writing as a journalist or a non-fiction writer.  In fact, the last tryst I had with my ‘journalistic prowess’ is during high school but that’s another story.  Here I am, however, trying to contribute to content creation for the web which is basically, as it is understood (or has to be understood by those who do not know), is writing relevant or applicable content for the web, most of them for marketing purposes.

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