How to Avoid Mistakes When Writing Content

Neil Patel’s 8 Mistakes Even Professional Content Writers Make made me think of what mistakes I commit most often when I write content and how to avoid, if not eliminate, them.  Mr. Patel is absolutely correct. Content writers and even other types of writers sometimes make mistakes when writing content. It is an undeniable fact.

This post is a spin-off from the above article and I would like to share some tips (from my experience) on how I avoid these mistakes when writing content.

  • How to break through writer’s block.

Writer’s block is a bummer. No matter how hard you try, nothing pops in your head. You end up spending hours staring at your PC with nothing, not even a single idea to start writing.  How do you break through it?

Mr. Patel is right in saying you are wrong thinking you cannot break through it.  You can but only with time.  What I meant by this is you allow yourself time.  Do not force yourself to break through the block.  Instead, stop writing, relax, do not think of anything – perfection, rejection, and all the things that break the rhythm of writing.

Try doing some of the things that make you happy – drink coffee, eat a slice of cake, or gobble a plate of your mom’s spaghetti – anything that relaxes your mind for a little while.  At the same time, try to think of the topic for your content.  In this relaxed state, you will discover that ideas flow easily, you are able to focus, and ideas develop freely.  You are not pushing yourself. Continue reading


A Basic Question to a Content Writer

Other than that question on my FB page on how to start as a content writer, I haven’t received any question from a visitor to this blog.   A question in mind that keeps bugging – what a client, specifically a new one in the online business, may probably ask.

Why do I need a content writer?

This basic question to a content writer is essential not only to the client.  It also aligns the objectives and goals of a content writer.  It prompts a content writer to do a self-check – Why will a business owner need my services as a content writer?

Image from Pexels

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The Ability to Find a Way


This is my son’s PC.  If you look at the picture from your vantage point, there’s a CPU on the right.  That is mine.

This was the time when my PC was down and I had to use my son’s PC because there were deadlines.  The two PC’s are side by side on a long table.

Although he often uses his PC those times, I had to ask him to allow me to use his PC for a few hours in a few days.  I also had to accustom myself in navigating his PC because it is his PC.

The ability to find a way to complete work a.ka. ‘resourcefulness’ is a skill.  People will probably think it was not a problem for me because he is my son.  But he is already a grown up (with a job) and he has his own life, using his PC, and I have to respect that.  I am just glad that we were able to arrange the schedule in using his PC that time.

That is the short story about the PC. 🙂

5 Free Courses to Learn Content Writing

On my Facebook page, I saw a message in my inbox. It says, how can I start to be one of those content writers?

The question is general.  So I replied that she can always start with seminars online.  She answered with another ‘How?’

I gave her a link to a MOOC list.  I am guessing that she needs to know what content writing is.  This also gave me an idea – What about creating a list of free online courses for content writing?  For now, I will give these 5 online courses.  I will update the list if I discovered another course to visit.

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Lessons from an Oversight

I wrote this post – Plagiarism: Interesting Notes Revisited and Noted after an incident.

I had written content for websites since 2014.  I was back to writing after years of hibernation from personal blogging.  Blogging, specifically personal blogging, is very different from content writing.  I have to adapt to some adjustments and learn about how to write an article or a content for a website.

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Creating a Content Marketing Plan

A content marketing plan is a novelty to some.  In this post, I would like to share a guide on how to make one.  It is a given that a content is essential for any type of business that has a website that promotes and markets products and/or services.

Let’s just say I am planning to have an online business that will offer unique contents for their blogs/websites. I believe that creating a simple content marketing plan first will pave the way to its growth.  Anybody can use this simple guide to create his or her own content marketing plan.

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My Writing Lifework: How 6 Simple Skills are Helping Me Succeed #blogboost


Growing up as an adolescent I was so absorbed in writing and drawing.  I later dropped drawing because I thought I will not go anywhere with it (one of my regrets).  I concentrated on writing because, at school, those who do well with it got noticed, by the students, the teachers, and the school.  With thoughts of success in the future, I worked myself to learning more about writing and competing to get recognition and awards.

I did a lot of writing in high school. I received a lot of awards and I even got third place in a national writing competition with the writing category I was assigned to.  I dreamt of being a journalist someday.  ‘Who is going to stop me?’ That was the concrete brainwave I had those days.

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