Janette Toral: An Inspiration


Janette Toral is a fellow Filipina blogger.  I have known her virtually for many years and she is an inspiration.  As to whether she will be a passive or active inspiration for me, only time can tell.  What I know is, she has done a lot for the blogging community.

Janette Toral is known for many bynames: blogger, specialist to a number of fields (e-commerce, social media, internet marketing), entrepreneur, lobbyist, educator, researcher, writer, community leader, etc.

I admire her for being true to her advocacy.  She does things with a firm resolution and purpose.  Her intention to help is very transparent and she does it with integrity.  It is not very often to see role models like her.

If you want to know more about her, Google can help. 🙂



Meeting People Thru Blogs is Also Fun

Even with my first personal blog, meeting bloggers all over the world, reading (and listening to) what they have to say about topics, ideas, news, rants, etc. is what makes it fun!


Image from Pexels


Meeting people thru blogs changes the way you look at the world.  It gives you that boost to go on with your plans, to try even if you are not confident enough, or to help others with some problems they meet.  The possibilities are endless and varied, actually, when you have some form of a network to turn or refer to.

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Lessons from an Oversight

I wrote this post – Plagiarism: Interesting Notes Revisited and Noted after an incident.

I had written content for websites since 2014.  I was back to writing after years of hibernation from personal blogging.  Blogging, specifically personal blogging, is very different from content writing.  I have to adapt to some adjustments and learn about how to write an article or a content for a website.

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Creating a Content Marketing Plan

A content marketing plan is a novelty to some.  In this post, I would like to share a guide on how to make one.  It is a given that a content is essential for any type of business that has a website that promotes and markets products and/or services.

Let’s just say I am planning to have an online business that will offer unique contents for their blogs/websites. I believe that creating a simple content marketing plan first will pave the way to its growth.  Anybody can use this simple guide to create his or her own content marketing plan.

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The Future of Websites and Blogs I Haven’t Seen Yet

Facebook people have their way of saying things. Take for example – Success demands purpose, by Born Realist, with a video of Angelina Jolie finding her purpose and becoming successful.


Image from Pexels

That is exactly what I see as the future of websites and blogs – successful because of their purpose.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have nothing against anybody just wanting to write anything that comes to mind.  Having a blog or a website for personal use is okay.  After all, blogs evolved from web logs which are like journals containing a ‘diary of information, specific topics, or opinions’ (see Techopedia).

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