How do you connect with people on social media?

Connecting with people arises first from your emotional needs – to feel accepted, loved, lovable, worthy, fulfilled, happy, good about self, in control, compassionate, creative, etc.  These basic needs if met allows you to give back and connect with others.

In the same way, you connect with people on social media partly because of these needs and the needs that can arise from your business and online projects. However, in business, you do not expect people to get interested in you first, or to put it harshly to even care about your needs except if you are a business partner, or you already have established a bond with them.

pexels-photo-267389Young Entrepreneur Council, in a guest post in Forbes on April 25, 2012, quoted Dale Carnegie saying

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” 

The post tells about the things that support your connection with other people which includes

  1. Being genuine.
  2. Providing real help.
  3. Paying real attention.
  4. Connecting thru a network.
  5. Trying persistently to get results.
  6. Making real friends.
  7. Remaining unforgettable.

I came across 35 Ways to Connect with Anyone Through Social Media. The author provided many amazing ways to connect with people.  It’s like a work instruction telling you about the many things you can do with Twitter, for example – follow somebody that influences you, add him/her to a ‘Radar’ list, retweet his/her content, favorite his/her content, mention him/her in your tweets.

The only activity I do on Twitter is following a person.  You can be doing more or all of the available opportunities to connect with other Twitter people. Very good for you!  This will help you boost your presence and definitely set up connections.  I have yet to try all of them but first I have to make a plan how I will go about this Twitter thing.

Another way Mr. Crestodina mentioned is ‘crossing the streams’.  You will find that this method is truly beneficial while you jump from one social network to another in a single interaction with an influencer.  It is a very effective spread about an influencer and a promotion about you and what you do.

It’s a long list of ways to connect with people on social media but Mr. Crestodina’s generous list will not exhaust you instead will keep you reading until the end.  Nothing can wear you out if it gives something you can gain from.

How do you connect with people on social media? Care to share?