Time Management Problems to Address


I am sorry to interrupt you while thinking about your next blog post but I have to share with you some thoughts.

I was not able to write blog posts daily to continuously participate in the UBC.  It makes me feel guilty because I signed in and that means I have to do it.  I am humbled that there are others who had even took the time to push the FOLLOW button.  Here I am, not doing my part of the bargain.  Unintentionally, that’s the good side of it.

Here are my observations about my own time management:

  • I sometimes fail to stay on top of things when I am up against the wall.
  • I tend to get busy with being busy and not being productive.
  • I lack concentration.  I have too many things in my mind.
  • I fail at saying ‘no’ most of the time.
  • I delay taking care of the little things.

Have you ever done this? How do you evaluate your own time management? What do you intend to do with these problems? How do you address them?

If you have the same list of observations about time management, I earnestly ask you to take time reading how I address them:

  • When it seems that you are up against the wall, strive to stay on top of the difficulties. You have to be in-charge. Take time to stop and take a deep breath. Assess the situation and do something to be in-charge of your life once again.
  • Focus on one thing at a time. You cannot carry out anything by taking them all simultaneously. You have to concentrate doing one thing after another.
  • If you have the tendency to say ‘yes’ all the time, then you are doomed. Even superheroes have limitations. You have to identify what needs your immediate attention, and what needs to be set for later (or even ignored).
  • When the little things in our lives pile up, they become bigger things. You have to assign a day to do all of them.

I believe this is not a new list. Most of you will probably think this is just a tiresome list of things to do. But sometimes, you and I need a refresher to get going.

Blog on, my UBC friends!


7 thoughts on “Time Management Problems to Address

  1. At work, AI always follow Stephen Covey’s Time management quadrants — O think I am good in organizing my tasks…. but funny enough, its the opposite when it comes to my personal life.. its always hard to wake up to do the chores or to excercise.. lol.


    1. Hi! You are not alone! ha ha makes me wonder at times. Perhaps it is because we think that we can always have time with our personal activities – delaying them to get back to them and end up not being able to do them! 😀

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