A Basic Question to a Content Writer

Other than that question on my FB page on how to start as a content writer, I haven’t received any question from a visitor to this blog.   A question in mind that keeps bugging – what a client, specifically a new one in the online business, may probably ask.

Why do I need a content writer?

This basic question to a content writer is essential not only to the client.  It also aligns the objectives and goals of a content writer.  It prompts a content writer to do a self-check – Why will a business owner need my services as a content writer?

Image from Pexels

The methods of doing business have evolved dramatically.  Marketing a product or a service is easier.  Well, easier because there is already an avenue – the internet – where you can market your product or service. The process does not need your physical presence all the time to promote your business.  This is not to undermine efforts to advertise your product in person though.  Meeting clients person to person is still important every so often.

With such a scenario, where the growth of online businesses is transpiring, business owners need websites to sell their products or services.  A website should have content that will give value to the business and its product or service.  This is where a content writer enters.  If a business owner does not have that ample time to write, or he/she just doesn’t have the flair in writing, he/she will require the skills of a content writer.

The content writer will be in charge of polishing content for the website.  He/She will write for the blogs, the email marketing, and the social media requisites.  The content writer will be the business’ secret master in charge of online marketing thru its content.

Another reason a business owner needs a content writer is to make their website search-engine friendly. With good SEO (search engine optimization), a website will flourish.  The content writer, with his/her understanding how a search engine works, will help target the intended audience.

I will definitely include this question on the FAQ page of my website as I build it towards my goal.


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