The Ability to Find a Way


This is my son’s PC.  If you look at the picture from your vantage point, there’s a CPU on the right.  That is mine.

This was the time when my PC was down and I had to use my son’s PC because there were deadlines.  The two PC’s are side by side on a long table.

Although he often uses his PC those times, I had to ask him to allow me to use his PC for a few hours in a few days.  I also had to accustom myself in navigating his PC because it is his PC.

The ability to find a way to complete work a.ka. ‘resourcefulness’ is a skill.  People will probably think it was not a problem for me because he is my son.  But he is already a grown up (with a job) and he has his own life, using his PC, and I have to respect that.  I am just glad that we were able to arrange the schedule in using his PC that time.

That is the short story about the PC. 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Ability to Find a Way

  1. Hi, Bing. Resourcefulness is a skill and not all people have it.
    I understand the delicate balance of communicating with adult children when you’re stuck and need their help. It’s quite humbling indeed.
    I’m glad you were able to meet your deadlines and your son understood your need and stepped aside if only for a few hours. ^_^

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  2. I have been there where my computer is down and I had to use my sons computer. Which was hard as he wuld want it when I needed it. Although he is only 9 and wanted to play games which could wait. Then at one time we only had one computer and when ever it went down I couldn’t work at all. Because I didn’t even have a table. Thank God all that has changed. Have a Blessed day.

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  3. [ Smiles ] I am speculating that he uses the same operating system that you are accustomed to. If it was a different operating system like Linux, you would have been trying your very best to find your way around.

    Anyway, I only use Linux and I have grown accustomed to it.

    Also, it is nice to know that you were able to find your way around your son’s computer.

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