The Future of Websites and Blogs I Haven’t Seen Yet

Facebook people have their way of saying things. Take for example – Success demands purpose, by Born Realist, with a video of Angelina Jolie finding her purpose and becoming successful.


Image from Pexels

That is exactly what I see as the future of websites and blogs – successful because of their purpose.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have nothing against anybody just wanting to write anything that comes to mind.  Having a blog or a website for personal use is okay.  After all, blogs evolved from web logs which are like journals containing a ‘diary of information, specific topics, or opinions’ (see Techopedia).

What I am talking about here is my vision for all business websites and blogs.  I imagine them as a requirement for all types of businesses, that it would be hard for businesses to withstand the competition in the market without a website or a blog.  I imagine them not only occupying space in the web but serving the purpose of giving information, assisting and interacting with customers, providing services, simplifying things for business owners and interested parties, and a lot more.

I see myself as a player in the arena of content marketing.  I am not only a writer but a copywriter equipped with knowledge and skills for effective online marketing.  I am an expert in stirring calls to action from clients or customers.  I have my own online business that caters to business needs like providing effective website content.

Big, isn’t it?  Do I still have time? God forbid that my time in this world will end soon.  I still desire to have a purpose!


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