Short Articles Matter to Your Buyer Personas, Is It True?

Photo courtesy of Quotes Gram

If only writing is as easy as being cute when you are short in height, then writing short articles will also be a trouble-free quest.

The trend these days is to create short but crisp content articles.  A spreading buzz says that buyer personas, (customers or clients or online visitors) do not prefer lengthy compositions to know about a brand of product or service.  There is a claim that online visitors do not read everything in the internet.   In an online training I just had a year ago (2015), I learned that visitors when they land on a page read in the ‘F’ manner.   Initially, your introduction, a little of the body of your article, and down to the list of important details are what matters.

So how are you going to do it – write a short article that has everything your buyer persona needs to know?

  • Not More Than 500 words? There is no straight rule when it comes to length.  In fact, according to this case study about article marketing, search engines prefer longer articles which are not the case when it comes to readers.  But short is not enough so we go to tip number 2.
  • Content is King. It’s always about what it is made of.  A delicious-looking burger will prove the initial impression once you get a bite of it.  An article, in the same way, has to prove the meat it is made of based on the garnishing it was first introduced with.  It has to provide the needed information.  It has to serve its purpose.  It has to provide satisfaction.
  • Know Your Audience Before You Write. Your article is as good as the audience you project to win, and have won.  If you are an online writer intending to create an article for a particular brand of ladies’ clothing and accessories, for example, your piece will not mean anything to most teenage girls.
  • Add Flavor to Your Title. Everyone has a story to tell, and maybe even better than the others, but fails to attract its audience because of the title.  The title alone should initially answer a query that your buyer persona might ask.  It has to have a specific purpose that benefits a need and inspires the customer, or a client, or an online visitor, to read on and finish reading the information provided in the article.

The internet has created a scenario that requires fast-paced communication resulting from desires of getting answers quick.  Short articles are answers to buyer personas that require prompt resolutions to inquiries.  Yes, it is true, but as always the call to action depends on the available facts or information which should be, first and foremost, accurate, and second, to the point.  The rest of the story follows.


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