Write Clean: Valuable and Simplified Tips to Successful Writing

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I do not have a formal education in writing as a journalist or a non-fiction writer.  In fact, the last tryst I had with my ‘journalistic prowess’ is during high school but that’s another story.  Here I am, however, trying to contribute to content creation for the web which is basically, as it is understood (or has to be understood by those who do not know), is writing relevant or applicable content for the web, most of them for marketing purposes.

I agree that clean writing is important to whatever form or style of writing it is intended.  No, it is far-fetched that I plan to produce a best-seller at this point in time of my life in case you are wondering.  😀 😀  I agree with this requisite because a writer has to be equally careful. In fact, even in writing posts for a blog, clean writing is an essential element.  But what is clean writing, by the way?

There are probably a lot of resources and references to this topic available in paperbacks and e-books.  There are also blogs and professional websites now that address the issue, some are basic, and some are profound to very insightful.  I stumbled upon this blog of a freelance editor and I am sharing the simple meter she uses in examining her writing, and I quote:

  • Every word that serves no function

  • Every long word that could be a short word

  • Every adverb that carries the same meaning that’s already in the verb

  • Every passive construction that leaves the reader unsure of who is doing what

Which leaves me to consider what I have to do exactly every time I write – be very careful.  The suggestion of checking the quality, aside from quantity (by the way, the number of words when one content-writes is an important aspect, too), is very vital.  In writing, it is very important that a piece has to be checked not only once, the experts say.  I am not saying you do it ‘not seven times, but seventy-seven times’.  You do not overdo it.  The target date has to be met, as always. You do not want your credibility to be tarnished by late submission or completion.


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