The Melody of Writing


Do you feel like writing is like a melody? It is to me.  After years of blogging, I decided to stop in 2014.  The blog was saturated with posts for money on the side.  The thoughts were not free-flowing anymore.  The purpose was defeated.  It was not consistent to its main objective.

And here I am again.  Writing.  For a purpose, it seems.  I wanted to feast on my life writing, I guess.  It is such a sweet melody to read words, thoughts, minds, hearts.  The beauty of reading other peoples’ blogs enrich my inner lust for learning, for recovering, for delight, and for sensititivity and understanding.

WordPress is always a great platform for me.  Even for a free package, it always serves the purpose.  The layout is always neat and because of that the melody of writing is more felt than imagined.

What’s the melody in your being? in your life?

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10 thoughts on “The Melody of Writing

    1. indeed. it’s something to turn to when you do not have someone to talk to, or verbal expression is not enough. it’s always different when we write it down. 🙂

      thanks for the input. 🙂


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