Writing and Death


There’s a queue of topics to write but the mind is blank.  Death did not come in a jiffy for this lovely creature.  I saw how death was inching across his lithe body.  It was just last night when it began.  It was fast, and death snatched my love affair to this creature in the noon of August 31.  It even had me thinking if only writing comes as fast.  These days I am a slave to writing for money on the side.  Perhaps this is why the attention to his true condition was in pieces.

There are so many reasons to hurt for the loss, not only its physical loss.  I tried to divert the focus – to start outlines for an article but to no avail.  This is not the kind of inspiration or intensity I need to compose words, ideas.  If only – those two words kept ringing.

Consoling myself according to what hubby said made it harder to bear.  Each of us, I believe, turns to the easiest coping mechanism we can muster. Mine happens to be writing.

Bubwit is what we fondly call this lovely.  I will surely miss him.



3 thoughts on “Writing and Death

    1. I saw 4 of our puppies (2 cats and 2 dog – we have lots!) died in the last 3 or 4 years and the emotion from the people around me was intense when the experience happened. The latest was my own puppy and he was barely 3 months when he got sick.

      I am doing great, thanks for asking. I hope everything is well with you and your hubby, I hope for his fast recovery.

      Yes, that’s my website 🙂 Thanks!


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