Writing and Death


There’s a queue of topics to write but the mind is blank.  Death did not come in a jiffy for this lovely creature.  I saw how death was inching across his lithe body.  It was just last night when it began.  It was fast, and death snatched my love affair to this creature in the noon of August 31.  It even had me thinking if only writing comes as fast.  These days I am a slave to writing for money on the side.  Perhaps this is why the attention to his true condition was in pieces.

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Plagiarism: Interesting Notes Revisited and Noted

Image from paperrater.com

In this day and age, almost nothing on the internet is new. Most of the things we read or come across surely come from archetypes of the geniuses or pioneers of the olden times (or early past, for some).

Citing their works can be a form of homage, a way of giving honor to the dead and the undead. The reason why Anatole France probably encouraged by saying, “When a thing has been said and said well, have no scruple. Take it and copy it.” He knew damn well that it is an imminent possibility that his works and words will be ‘copied’ even long after he’s gone.

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