Google Docs Can Be a Big Help

I had prepared this tutorial a year ago about Google Docs, being so amazed at how it could be a big help.  Previously I was just fascinated at the possibility of how Google Docs can help in my pursuit of getting an online job but now, it is the mastery that I aim to be able to deliver output effectively and efficiently.

Learning about Google Docs can truly be helpful but I discovered that I have to utilize it to get the hang of it and be able to use the applications appropriately.

It is different telling that one ‘knows’ Google Docs than knowing how to actually use the tool.  More importantly, by actually using it often, one can be confident enough to go around the application without being confused where to go, how to start, or what to avoid going around Google Docs (if there is such a thing).

Google Docs is an online storage for documents, and it’s free for 5GB space.  Downloading the Google Drive is the key and after that going about Google Docs will be just as easy.

This tutorial about Google Docs was prepared with the intention of providing basic guidance.  It is designed simply but with the right amount of colors, and size of the font for the reader (s)  to assimilate and digest the information about Google Docs in each slide.

Here is a tutorial I made about Google Docs:


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